Photo of a website about an e-commerce business.

What is This

A website about an e-commerce business.

Built With

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery


There where 3 main problems that I had when making this website.

They where:

  • How to resize a fixed navbar
  • How to implement a hamburger menu
  • How to implement animated link scrolling

I added a media query to set a max width to the navbar, and the site to prevent it from overflowing on large screens.

I read a blog and learned how to make a hamburger menu navigation. I made it by adding a media query to hide the normal nav and show a responsive nav. I also added functionality to the responsive nav by adding an event listener on the hamburger menu to show a hidden layout with the links when you click on it.

I searched for ways to implement animation scrolling and I decided to use jQuery.

How it works:

  • Select all links with hashes
  • Check and remove links that don’t have an href
  • Check which element to scroll to
  • Prevent default link behavior if there is a scroll animation
  • Animate scroll by using offset
  • Change focus after animation