Old Home Page

Photo of my old website home page

What is This

My old website home page.

Built With

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Jekyll


There where 3 main problems that I had when making this website.

They where:

  • How to layout my site
  • How to use Jekyll
  • How to organize and style my css

To solve the problem of laying out my site, I made a sketch of what I wanted the design to look like. At first this site was only a single page with an introduction, my projects, my skills, and a footer with contact information. I chose to keep parts of the original design, and add a contact page, more projects, and more links to the nav bar that link my github, and resume.

Another problem I was having was, how to use jekyll and its features. There where plenty of tutorials on youtube on how to use most of the features of Jekyll, including: using layouts, includes, yml, and much more.

The main problem I had was how to style and organize my css. I did some tutorials including codecademy, youtube, freecodecamp, and I mostly used flexbox to style my site. To organize my css, I used BEM naming convention. I thought it was a cool way to organize css, and Jekyll has a feature where you can break up your css files into different files and combine them into one file when it renders. This is a plus when using BEM.